We believe that the journey to soaring the skies begins with a solid foundation on the ground. Our comprehensive Flight Training program is designed to transform aspiring aviators into competent pilots, irrespective of whether they’re pursuing it out of passion or profession. Our experienced instructors, cutting-edge technology, and hands-on approach ensure that every student gets the best possible start in their aviation journey.
Flight Training

Private Pilot

Eager to become an FAA-certified Private Pilot? OAS offers comprehensive in-classroom and virtual ground school sessions, complete with thorough instructor support, 24 hours of instruction, and preparation for the FAA knowledge test; bonuses include free processing of your FAA Student Pilot Certificate and access to state-of-the-art flight simulators and labs.
Flight Training


An instrument rating enhances your flying capabilities, enabling you to navigate in less-than-ideal weather conditions and ensure safety in zero visibility situations. With this rating, pilots can fly under instrument flight rules (IFR) amidst challenges like rain, fog, and low visibility. OAS provides a 24-hour ground school to prepare students for the FAA Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test, supplying all necessary course materials in a distinctive training environment.
Flight Training


A Multi-Engine Land (MEL) rating enables a pilot to command aircrafts with multiple engines, offering enhanced performance, speed, and complexity. This rating is an addition to existing single-engine certifications, with no written exam but an oral exam and practical checkride. Ortega Aviation Service’s curriculum provides comprehensive training in both ground and flight aspects, typically taking pilots around 10 hours of flight training to achieve the proficiency needed for the checkride.
Flight Training


Considering a career in aviation? The FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate is your starting point. With changing prerequisites, there’s a growing number of opportunities in airlines and corporate flying. OAS offers a comprehensive training course, including classroom lessons, ground training, and flight simulations. Additionally, participants receive a hybrid tablet with course materials and prep for the written test. Explore aviation’s possibilities with OAS!