Diamond DA-42 Twinstar

The DA42 merges the fuel efficiency of single-engine aircraft with the safety of twin engines. Equipped with Lycoming 180 HP engines, counter-rotating propellers, and the advanced Garmin G1000 with SiriusXM Aviation Weather graphics, it’s an optimal choice for various multiengine qualifications.

The DA42 stands out as an exceptional twin-engine aircraft, perfectly blending the simplicity of single-engine fuel consumption with the assurance of dual engines. Powered by the robust Lycoming 180 HP fuel-injected piston engines, this aircraft boasts counter-rotating propellers to ensure optimal performance. Pilots and aviators can rely on the state-of-the-art Garmin G1000, complemented by the King KAP 140 AP, ensuring precise and updated navigation. Additionally, with the integration of Garmin Flight Charts and SiriusXM Aviation Weather graphics, pilots are provided with current NAV database insights for informed decision-making. This aircraft is ideal for those seeking Private or Commercial Multiengine Add-ons, Multiengine Recurrent training, MEI (Multiengine Flight Instructor), and even ATP – Multiengine qualifications. All this comes at a competitive rate of $380 per Hobbs Hour, though a fuel surcharge may be applicable. Dive into a flying experience that offers both ease and reliability with the DA42.

The DA42 is easy to fly and burns fuel like a single, but with the added safety of a second engine.

  • Lycoming 180 HP Fuel Injected Piston Engines with Counter-rotating propellers
  • Garmin G1000 equipped with King KAP 140 AP
  • Garmin Flight Charts and SiriusXM Aviation Weather graphics with current NAV database

Available for:

  • Private Multiengine Add on
  • Commercial Multiengine Add on
  • Multiengine Recurrent – Flight Review/Instrument
  • Multiengine Flight Instructor- MEI
  • ATP – Multiengine
$380/Hobbs Hour. Fuel surcharge may apply