Mastering the Skies

Enhance your flying capabilities with an Instrument Rating from OAS, allowing you to fly in diverse weather conditions, including low visibility and clouds. Our course includes 24 hours of ground school, preparing you for the FAA Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test, complete with all necessary materials.

An instrument rating can allow you to fly more, with less worry about flying in weather that is less than perfect. It can give you the skills needed to avoid, and safely exit, a potentially hazardous zero visibility situation.

Obtaining your instrument rating will allow you to fly aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR) into weather such as rain showers, fog, areas of low visibility and inside of clouds.

OAS offers ground school, consisting of 24 hours of classroom time, preparing you to take the FAA Instrument Airplane Knowledge Test, all within a unique training atmosphere! All course materials are provided!

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