Piper Pilot-100i

The Pilot 100i seamlessly combines simplicity and value, paving the way for successful flight training ventures. Powered by a Lycoming 180 HP engine and featuring the advanced Garmin G3X touchscreen and G500 AP/FD, it promises uncompromised capability, safety, and reliability. With tools for precise RNAV Approaches and up-to-date NAV databases, the Pilot 100i sets a new benchmark in aviation training.

The Pilot 100i is not just an aircraft, it’s a vision realized for flight training enterprises. Distinctly characterized by its simplicity and value, this aircraft ensures that your flight training business plan not only takes off but also soars. Financial targets become attainable without trading off capability, quality, safety, or reliability – a rare combination epitomized by the Pilot 100i. Outfitted with a Lycoming 180 HP fuel-injected piston engine and the intuitive Garmin G3X touchscreen, along with the Garmin G500 AP/FD and WAAS receiver, it provides the precision needed for RNAV Approaches with vertical guidance. Additionally, the integrated Garmin Flight Charts and ADSB in Aviation Weather graphics ensure pilots have the latest NAV database at their fingertips. With the Pilot 100i, elevate your training approach and set new standards in aviation education.

Simplicity and value define the Pilot 100i. Your flight training business plan is easily achievable with this unrivaled primary training aircraft. Make your financial targets with no compromises in capability, quality, safety or reliability – uniquely with the Pilot 100i.

  • Lycoming 180 HP Fuel Injected Piston Engine
  • Garmin G3X Touchscreen with Garmin G500 AP/FD and WAAS receiver
  • Ability to conduct RNAV Approaches with Vertical Guidance to LPV or L/VNAV minimums
  • Garmin Flight Charts and ADSB in Aviation Weather graphics with current NAV database
$175/Hobbs Hour. Fuel surcharge may apply