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Owning and operating a business jet or turboprop offers freedom, opportunity, and a sense of pride. However, it can also bring unexpected costs and unforeseen challenges, particularly when it comes to maintenance programs.
Imagine a situation where, following a recent maintenance event on a relatively new Citation, an important correction was overlooked.

When the oversight was pointed out to the OEM, they offered to send a truck to the home airport to rectify the issue. But what they might not make clear upfront is the possible invoicing for the visit due to reasons such as the aircraft not being AOG, or not waiting for the next scheduled event.

Having a dedicated expert by your side, who genuinely understands OEM maintenance programs and champions your interests, can prevent such situations.

Ortega Aviation Services proudly presents a service tailored for the peace of mind of Citation, Caravan, and King Air owners. The OAS Guardian™ program grants you a personal advisor equipped to dissect the various facets of operations and maintenance programs for your aircraft.

With OAS, you’ll gain valuable insights into these programs, enabling you to sidestep potential pitfalls, manage unforeseen costs, and maintain a positive account balance should you decide to sell your aircraft. Situated at Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, we are strategically positioned just minutes from the Textron Aviation Service Center. This proximity allows us to monitor your aircraft during its maintenance. Additionally, our location is perfect for pre-purchase inspections.

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Highlights of OAS Guardian™ include:

• Evaluation of your maintenance programs and benefits.
• Review and sanitation of program balances and charges.
• Assistance with mitigating negative balances.
• Pricing advocacy for maintenance events and program renewal.
• Assistance with interpretation of Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Service Letters, and their compliance requirements.
• Serve as liaison with Textron and their Service Network or any other MRO you choose to work with.

For a nominal annual fee, you can have an expert looking out for the best interest of you and your aircraft so you can focus on business and your family.

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