CFI Certification

Step into the world of professional flight instruction with our focused 36-hour CFI Certification Course. Offering in-depth training for the FOI, FIA, and AGI exams, this program is your gateway to mastering flight instruction and advancing your aviation career. With comprehensive materials, advanced simulators, and practical flight training, we provide all the tools you need to succeed.

Obtaining a Certificated Flight Instructor rating can be an extremely rewarding experience. Becoming a flight instructor will increase your knowledge in various subject areas, elevate your level of flight proficiency and garner the respect of others.

We offer a 36-hour course to help you prepare for the Fundamentals of Instructing, FOI, Flight Instructor Airplane, FIA and the Ground Instructor (Advanced), AGI. The FOI and FIA are required knowledge tests as the first step to becoming a FAA Flight Instructor.

The course includes all subject areas required by FAR 61.185 Aeronautical knowledge, (a)(1)(i) through (vi) and (2). Course materials will be loaded onto a tablet that is yours to keep. As a customer of OAS, you will also have access to three simulators that you can do practice instruction with at no charge.

If you have a desire to fly with us at OAS, we have two G1000 CE-172s. The course is approximately 10 flight hours with another 20 hours of dual instruction, flight and ground.

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