The OAS Journey

In 2009, Teresa Vinson reignited her passion for flying and crossed paths with her instructor, Kirby Ortega. Their friendship blossomed into love, marriage, and eventually the foundation of OAS, a venture powered by their combined 60 years of aviation expertise. Specializing in flight training and maintenance programs for Citations, Hawkers, and Beechcraft jets, the Ortegas and their team at OAS are dedicated to supporting the aviation community in all aspects, whether you’re a budding pilot or a business jet owner.

Every story has a beginning, and some have a few beginnings. We like to think the story of OAS began in 2009. After a hiatus from flying, Teresa Vinson decided to get back to the cockpit on one of the hottest days of the year. Her instructor was Kirby Ortega. A friendship turned to courtship turned to marriage—that is the foundation for OAS. Kirby and Teresa’s partnership and shared passion for aviation guides every decision at OAS. The Ortegas are grateful to share that passion with you.

Kirby and Teresa have combined aviation experience of over 60 years. Whether you are interested in aviation and want to become a private pilot, desire to further your aviation training, or are a business jet owner and need assistance with the ownership process – they have the expertise and the passion to assist you!

The Ortegas and their team offer in-depth knowledge of flying, flight training and maintenance programs in Citations, Hawkers and Beechcraft jets. Their goal with the business is to offer a community of support – regardless of your aviation interest. While the story of OAS is still evolving, we invite you to be a part of our aviation family, to share our story and to begin your very own story.