I didn’t realize how subjective my maintenance bills were. Fix quotes get padded with unnecessary addons driving the invoices by several thousand dollars. The Guardian program advocates, protects, and educates me by directly reviewing work orders and invoices. Guardians directly interface with my maintenance providers and oversee the entire maintenance event. This ensures the work is completed on time and on budget.

David Ostrowe

I was a student in the very first Part 107 Remote Pilot training class at OAS. I have worked in aviation for years but was not a pilot and knew very little about the basic principles of flying, including weather theory, airspace regulations, reading charts, load factors, airport operations, and crew resource management. Although I was overwhelmed for a class or two, the instructor was great, and I settled right in. It finally all started coming together and made sense. A week after our class completed, I sat for the FAA Unmanned Aircraft test and passed with flying colors. The class I took from Ortega Aviation was well worth it and had me very prepared!

Jerry P
UAV Commercial Drone Pilot’s Course

Using Ortega Aviation Services has made my Citation Mustang ownership quite rewarding. Their professionalism, industry knowledge, and attention to detail , put my organization at ease knowing I am well represented.


As an 18-year rusty pilot, I knew I had a lot to relearn. Instead of simply getting current, I decided to take on the challenge of pursuing my commercial license. While I’m familiar with the efficiency of memorizing questions out of a book, I wanted more. First, I wanted to develop a true understanding of the knowledge that the FAA is testing on. Second, I wanted the interaction that comes with learning in a community fashion. Ortega Aviation Services delivered! I learned so much more than I would have just reading a book. Totally worth the money!

Josh M
Commercial Pilot’s Course

Teresa Ortega has saved us thousands of dollars on invoice review as well program consumption. Teresa has worked for us on maintenance review and management since we purchased our aircraft. In the beginning many items should have been charged warranty or covered by the company; not charged to my ProAdvantage account. Throughout our ownership, we have found items that should have been program consumption rather than invoiced directly to me. Teresa’s knowledge and consultancy has been invaluable to us.

Tom Garritano

Having owned and piloted various aircraft for most of my life, I’m still somewhat new to Citation ownership and the complexities that come with the management and safe maintenance of a jet. Ortega Aviation Services has helped me dive in to this exciting new world with confidence, and I’ve saved thousands of dollars since signing on with the OAS Guardian™ program.

Thanks to Teresa’s in-depth knowledge, experience, and persistence, she was able to catch things I would have missed. She knew to look for money savings in places not always obvious to the aircraft owner while keeping safety as the highest priority.

Having someone on my side saved me money, time, and provided me with peace of mind so I can focus on my family and my business.

Joey Sager

As a student pilot I found the training and tuition delivered at Ortega Aviation Services to be of a very high standard across the three qualified instructors whose classes I took.

Importantly, the best element of the 3 days training I completed was the excellent intuitive advice added to the formal training delivered. That brought real meaning and a level of additional safety that I can add to my flying adventures in my new Cessna 182 delivered by Textron here in Wichita, which I came from Australia to collect.

From my first class training experience here, I can highly recommend Ortega Aviation as an excellent choice for G.A. student pilots.

John Roberts

I was drawn to aviation from an early age; however, it was my first spin in a Citation Mustang jet, followed by an ICON amphibious sport plane, when I knew that fulfilling my lifelong goal was a must.

Being reared on the rugged and wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, and a weather eye always on the horizon, seems to instill a frontier mentality, and the desire to go find it. But the Covid pandemic, coupled with international travel restrictions between Ireland and the USA, meant that live online Ground School was my only option.

On the recommendation of two high-performance pilots, OAS is the authority, and leads the way in Pilot training. I found that there is an astronomical breath of knowledge at OAS, which gives you the edge, and leaves you well prepared for exams. All the instructors are well seasoned pros!

A first-time aviation student, I was surprised at how well the live EU/USA Transatlantic e-learning worked. Despite the 6-hour time difference between Ireland and Kansas, OAS provides maximum flexibility and I had full class participation and a clear learning road map.

A set of FAA and ASA course materials and instruments, accompany efficient training, in well-structured classes, and there are valuable recorded materials for revision resources.

I learned new skills, and never felt left behind, nor struggled to follow class, because OAS instructors can impart information and the “why” factor with ease. I now understand intrinsic components that will live with me forever.

OAS is so highly experienced, and their teaching is very well explained and well thought out; with a tuition approach that is 100% real world. I ultimately found challenging parts of the course very rewarding, making it easier for me to reach my goal, by exploring the hidden details.

Qualifying as a Pilot is my Olympic gold, it’s my Mount Everest. So, if you have a desire to fulfill a lifelong goal in Aviation, OAS is essential. OAS makes hard work good fun, and my advice to you is – just go for it!

Cara McGovern
Private Pilot Ground School Student