Interested in becoming a FAA certificated Private Pilot? We offer in-classroom as well as virtual ground school. Either way, your questions will be answered quickly and thoroughly by your instructor. One more important aspect to OAS LIVE classes is that you will have training towards the “oral” portion of your practical flight test. The Private Pilot Live course consists of 24 hours of FAA instructor led presentations, discussions, and testing. Class times and dates vary allowing you to choose the time that best fits your schedule. Subject areas covered will prepare you to take the FAA knowledge (written) test at the end of the course. You will also obtain a logbook endorsement showing compliance with FAR 61.105 of the FAA regulations. This endorsement clears the way for you to begin flight training towards acquiring your private pilot certificate! As a bonus, OAS will process your FAA Student Pilot Certificate at no charge to you! All your course materials are provided and you will have use of our facility resources, including our Flight1 (G1000) and Gleim flight simulators, as well as our Avionics Lab, and bonus study sessions prior to taking FAA Knowledge Test.

Becoming a private pilot is easy with Ortega Aviation Services. We have state-of-the-art classrooms, well-equipped aircraft, and some of the best flight instructors in the country. Cost approximately $9000*.

*Estimated cost based on the minimum number of flight and instructor hours.



You must be able to read, write, and understand English. You must meet the minimum age requirements: 16 years old to solo as a student pilot (14 for gliders), 17 years old to get your private pilot certificate (16 for gliders). And you must have a medical certificate.



When you have completed the ground school portion, you will be ready to take the “written” exam, or FAA Knowledge Test. OAS students have a 100% pass rate!



To obtain a medical certificate you must be examined by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). The OAS staff can assist you in finding an AME and explaining the different types of medical and which is best for you and your plans.



Ground School is the classroom portion of the training. You can attend a live class at OAS or participate virtually. It consists of 24 hours of FAA instructor-led presentations, discussions, and testing. Subject areas covered will prepare you to take the FAA knowledge (written) test at the end of the course. It is very interactive, and you will have fun learning!



Taking to the skies! This is what it is all about! During your first flight, the instructor will take off and land the airplane, but you will have the chance to take the controls and get a feel for things to come.



When you reach the point in your training that your instructor feels you can safely fly the airplane on your own, they will exit the airplane and send you off on your first solo flight! You will take off and land three times at the same airport while your instructor stays on the ground glowing with pride.


Check Ride

Once you have passed a written test and logged the required flying time, it will be time for your “final exam” called a check ride. It’s actually broken down in two tests with an FAA-approved examiner: first, and oral examination where you’ll be quizzed on your knowledge of everything from aircraft systems to rules and regulations. After you pass that portion, then you’ll get in the airplane and demonstrate your flying skills.

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