Mastering Garmin Systems

We offer unsurpassed Garmin initial, transition, and recurrent training on Garmin avionics. Whether you opt for the transition course, or just need to spend time on the G1000 simulators for proficiency – we have the team of instructors and the equipment to help.

Garmin Transition Training

Moving from a traditional six-pack panel to the G1000 package can prove to be a bit of a challenge. OAS offers a complete end-to-end training solution to get up to speed, knowledgeable, and proficient in the use of the G1000.
Course Includes:
  • OAS CE172 Rental Checkout
  • G1000 Avionics Transition
  • FAR 61.56 Flight Review Sign-off (Meets ACS Standard)
  • FAR 61.57 Instrument Proficiency Check (Meets ACS Standard)
  • Unlimited use of our G1000 Simulator Transition Trainer
  • 3.0 Hours in the Classroom
  • 3.0 Hours of CE172 Flight Time
  • 3.5 Hours with a CFI
  • OAS Swag Bag
Course Manuals & Content:
  • CE172 Pilot Information Manual
  • G1000 Cockpit Reference Guide
  • FAA Advanced Avionics Handbook
  • FAA Risk Management Handbook
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