Owning and operating a business jet or turboprop can provide freedom, opportunity, and pride. It can also come with surprise costs and “gotcha” moments when it comes to maintenance programs. For example, Gary mentioned that after a recent maintenance event on his relatively new Citation, part of the correction was missed. The OEM told him not to worry, they would send a truck to his home airport to rectify the issue. What they failed to mention was that he would be invoiced for the visit because (1) the aircraft was not AOG, and (2) he did not wait until the next scheduled event.

If Gary had someone on his side – someone looking out for his best interest and who has a thorough understanding of OEM maintenance programs – this could have been avoided.

Ortega Aviation Services is pleased to offer a service focused on providing peace of mind to Citation, Caravan, and King Air owners and to help you avoid situations such as Gary’s. OAS Guardian™ will provide you with a personal advisor to analyze the various aspects of operations and maintenance programs on your aircraft.

OAS can offer insight into these programs to help avoid the “gotchas” and mitigate additional cost and negative account balance if/when you opt to sell your aircraft. Located at Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, we are just minutes away from the Textron Aviation Service Center which would allow us to have eyes on your aircraft during maintenance. Our location is also convenient for pre-buy inspections.

With over 25 years of aviation maintenance program experience, your personal advisor will guide you through making the best, most cost-effective decisions with respect to maintaining your aircraft. “An in-depth understanding of the programs and the aircraft is in our DNA and will ensure our clients are receiving the maximum benefit while garnering the respect of the OEM” says Teresa Ortega, co-owner of OAS.

“…I’ve saved thousands of dollars since signing on with the OAS Guardian™ program.”

Joey Sager, Citation Mustang Owner – October 2021


For details on OAS Guardian™ and to enroll, contact:

Teresa Ortega
Office: 316-925-7700,  Cell: 316-655-1992

Highlights of OAS Guardian  include:

  • Evaluation of your maintenance programs and benefits.
  • Review and sanitation of program balances and charges.
  • Assistance with mitigating negative balances.
  • Pricing advocacy for maintenance events and program renewal.
  • Assistance with interpretation of Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Service Letters, and their compliance requirements.
  • Serve as liaison with Textron and their Service Network or any other MRO you choose to work with.

For a nominal annual fee, you can have an expert looking out for the best interest of you and your aircraft so you can focus on business and your family.

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